Cryptazon Post #11: Very Much Wow “The Dogecoin Magazine” May 2014 Edition Issue #1 (Volume #1)

Product Summary:

This is a 2014’s May issue of Very Much Wow series of The Dogecoin Magazine. This issue is just 48 pages, and might not be too interesting to some who have no idea what Dogecoin is. But to the DOGE fans out there, this appears like a truly great written masterpiece to reminiscent on the Doge community back in 2014. Written on the cover page of this edition is “for shibes and the doges that love them“.

Brand Name: Very Much Wow “The Dogecoin Magazine” May 2014 Edition Issue #1 (Volume #1)

Author: Birdie Jaworski

Pages: 48

Minimum Price: $12.95

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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