Cryptazon Post #8: Vintage Bitcoin (BTC) Logo T-Shirt With (Orange Circle With “B” Sign In Middle)

Product Summary:

If you want to show off your Bitcoin spirit, then this t-shirt is made just for you! The t-shirt features a double stroked”B” sign, which is a the currency symbol for BTC, as $, €, ¥, ₽, £, etc. are currency symbols for other non-virtual currencies. The seller offers multiple fit types, colors, and sizes of this highly recommended piece of clothing to those who want to represent Bitcoin through fashion techniques.

Brand Name: Vintage Bitcoin Logo T-Shirt

Supplier: Bitcoin Tees

Fit Type: Men, Women, Children

Size: Kids, Small, Medium, Large, XL

Colors: White, Slate, Black, Baby Blue, Heather Grey


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