Crypto Post #28: Bitcoin Sent Into Space First Time In History By Genesis Mining!

History has been made on August 30, 2016, when Bitcoin (BTC) was literally sent into space for the first time ever! The sender was a cryptocurrency cloud mining online software, Genesis Mining. There were many “to the moon” sayings in the past that figuratively referred to Bitcoin’s popularity and functionality. But, no one up until now has ever really sent a physical copy of a modeled Bitcoin piece alongside an attached paper wallet inscription into a place that is scientifically proven to be…. SPACE! An article on the full details of this successful experiment could be found on Genesis Mining’s official post here.


A further interesting aspect of this historically significant event is that the Genesis Mining team managed to perform a first-ever successful cryptocurrency transaction into space. This was conducted when the team sent additional funds to the paper wallet address while the modeled Bitcoin was flying in the stratosphere. So what does this all mean to everyone? Is this just a publicity stunt for Genesis Mining to acquire global recognition that some cloud mining company was the first to “put Bitcoin into orbit”? Is this a message with a bigger picture in mind, that it is possible for Bitcoin uses as a virtual currency to actually skyrocket both physically and metaphorically? Eh, interesting times! It would be even more interesting if a similar event would happen where someone manages to send a modeled Bitcoin (or an altcoin) into the very moon, and make real-time transactions to there. Space travel is so last century news. Now, we could talk about space finances.

Have you been intrigued by this news and now would like to commit to cloud mine with Hashpower from the company that put Bitcoin into space for the first time?

It only takes 7 steps to start cloud mining with Genesis Mining today:
1. Sign Up to Genesis Mining (or Sign In)
2. On the left panel of your account, click Upgrade Hashpower
3. Indicate type of cloud mining contract & hashpower value you would like to purchase
4. Choose your payment method (cryptocurrency, wire, or credit card)
5. Click Continue
6. Enter/Validate Promo code: yLpGnW (to receive 3% off DISCOUNT of your purchase)
7. Check “AGREE ON TERMS”, press CONFIRM ORDER, and you are now ready to start cloud mining!!!!!!!


_______Good Luck and Happy Cloud Mining! Maybe Someday You Could Send Some of Those Cloud Mined Coins Into Space As Well!_______

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