Crypto Post #50: Returning Back To Daily Payout Schedule For Genesis Mining And Potential Bitcoin Cash Cloud Mining Contracts Option ( yLpGnW Promo Code For 3% OFF All Purchases! )

Based on the recent news published by Genesis Mining on August 31st of 2017, the cryptocurrency cloud mining company Genesis Mining (yLpGnW Promo Code For 3% OFF All Contract Purchases!) would be returning to its regular daily payout schedule for paying out cloud mined cryptocurrencies to its customers. This method would undoubtedly increase transparency, as new customers would not be too anxious waiting for their payouts. The previously utilized payment method schedule surely provoked confusion for new customers, as they were undoubtedly confused when their payouts would be transferred to their addresses and whether or not they would ever get their payouts at all. Now, new customers might trust GM even more, as they would see their payouts from the company on a regular daily basis.

Another exciting note from the end of August Genesis Mining’s press release is the effort to enable purchases for Bitcoin Cash cloud mining contracts! Although it is not yet determined if and when Bitcoin Cash contracts would be available, Genesis Mining customers could still anticipate a potential option to purchase BCH contracts! Stay tuned for official updates from the GM team for new details.

Has This Story of Daily Genesis Mining Payouts and Potential Bitcoin Cash Contracts Leak Got You Interested In Cloud Mining?

It only takes 7 steps to start cloud mining with Genesis Mining today:
1. Sign Up to Genesis Mining (or Sign In)
2. On the left panel of your account, click Upgrade Hashpower
3. Indicate type of cloud mining contract & hashpower value you would like to purchase
4. Choose your payment method (cryptocurrency, wire, or credit card)
5. Click Continue
6. Enter/Validate Promo code: yLpGnW (to receive 3% off DISCOUNT of your purchase)
7. Check “AGREE ON TERMS”, press CONFIRM ORDER, and you are now ready to start cloud mining!!!!!!!


_______Good Luck and Happy Cloud Mining! Order Your Contracts Today While Supplies Last!_______

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