Crypto Post #57: BESTradingBroker’s 3rd Year Anniversary & New Blog Updates

First of all, I would like to congratulate BESTradingBrokers with the site’s 3rd year anniversary! On the About Us page, it could be seen that BESTradingBrokers was initially created in December 2014. So, it has been three whole years of occasional blogging on the topic of cryptocurrencies.


The statistical trends of BESTradingBrokers within these 3 years are as follows:

Miscellaneous Posts On Cryptocurrencies: 57

Bitcoin Donation Posts: 18

Dogecoin Donation Posts: 32


It is anticipated that there would be more variety of cryptocurrencies on forthcoming blog posts throughout the Crypto Post series. As the Ethereum platform has achieved such a worldwide recognition, value surge, and popularity, it would now make sense to blog about some less known platforms. Especially, more emphasis would be placed on the Waves Platform and its assets. Also, it would be very useful for the team behind BESTradingBrokers to find out about more organizations that request Bitcoin and Dogecoin donations, in order to feature more Bitcoin Donations & Dogecoin Donations posts of the Cryptanations Initiative series.



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