DogeCoin Donations [Episode 22]

The recipient of a DogeCoin Donation for Episode 22 is Reddit Enhancement Suite. RES is developed as a browser extension for Reddit. It is unofficial, user-based, and absolutely free to download for everyone. Reddit Enhancement Suite could be installed in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Edge.


For Episode 22, I first had in mind to donate DogeCoin to another online service. Yet, I quickly changed my mind after I had found a slight inappropriate component what that service offers. So, I have decided to contribute today to RES instead. It seems like a good idea to me at this time, because RES involves the usage of Reddit, and I have used Reddit multiple times in the past for own purposes. But, financial contributions is not the only way to do good for RES. Alternatively in helping cover costs for hosting and maintaining Reddit Enhancement Suits by Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Dwolla, PayPal, and some recurring donation options, programming-efficient users could contribute to RES through coding on GitHub.

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