Crypto Post #6: MINEUM, The Crypto-Mining Farm

MINEUM is meant to be a cryptocurrency offering anyone interested in crypto-mining an opportunity to own their very own mining farms and participating as shareholders in decisions ultimately benefiting the platform. A live ICO is currently in progress up until May 28th, where it is possible to exchange BTC for MNM, the MINEUM native currency. The goal here is to raise at least 50 BTC by the end of the ICO. It is expected that ICO participants and anyone who accumulates a minimum of 10,000 MNM would be entitled to gradual dividends from the profits of all activities generated from the MINEUM platform.

MINEUM offers a very ambitious roadmap, which in someway signifies its credibility in the crypto-world. The roadmap includes of multiple projects with varying progression status and completion time-frames. Some of the currently projected projects include a shareholder dashboard, cloud mining, faucet, and mining pool. In regards to the mining activities performed through MINEUM, it is anticipated that NVIDIA GTX 1070 and 1080 would be the technologies used. Yet, the company strives to be democratic by enabling the shareholders to vote on the alike decisions through polls that would be available after the conclusion of the ICO.

The impressive part of the potentiality of MINEUM is that merely any cryptocurrencies could be mineable through the presented technologies of cloud mining and hosting. The timing of the platform’s launch very closely coincides with the bitcoin block halving event that is expected to occur in less than two months from now. After the block halving, mining bitcoins would not be profitable for miners, causing long-term cryptocurrency miners to encounter alternative cryptocurrencies, technologies, platforms, and systems to further continue their mining endeavors. MINEUM could additionally offer tools and resources that would enable less-experienced cryptocurrency miners, amateurs, and mining enthusiasts to reap the benefits of crypto-mining.

While as of now there is no guarantee of the future success of MINEUM, whether or not the 50 BTC ICO quota would be reached, and the extent that the shareholders of 10,000 MNM or more would be able to profit from MINEUM profits, it is still worth the while to mention this ambitious project. The final decision in investing in MINEUM lies solely on the investor’s side. Therefore, it is essential to first read all of the documentations available in MINEUM’s website, especially the Whitepaper and Details about ICO resources. If investing is the choice, then the website’s ICO section provides the next steps in becoming a potential “MINEUMer”. As of now, stay tuned for further blog posts about MINEUM in the following weeks! Registered & Protected UULV-YZTI-52O9-NUDC Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved. BESTradingBrokers

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