Crypto Post #7: ICOO — First Ever Global Decentralized Conglomerate

Were you ever in a situation when you missed out on a significant ICO (Initial Coin Offering), and therefore missed the opportunity to consequently financially profit in accumulating that specific coin? Now, you do not have to worry in missing out on many interesting projects within the cryptocurrency sphere, special thanks to the Bitshares’ OpenLedger/CCEDK issued ICOO! ICOO stands for Initial Coin Offering OpenLedger and there are only 15 days left of the ICOO’s Initial Coin Offering.

ICOO is designated to be the official token of the first ever Global Decentralized Conglomerate, developed by OpenLedger/CCEDK within the Bitshares (BTS) platform. What ICOO plans to accomplish is to invest in numerous interesting crypto start-up company ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), directly benefiting the ICOO coin holders. ICOO holders would not have to spend hours of their time researching and deciding upon the ICOs to invest. Instead, the ICOO would do the investing on behalf of the ICOO token-holders through the first-ever Crowdfunding 3.0 engine.

While the actual quarterly Return On Investment (ROI) in holding ICOO tokens is yet not determined, it is anticipated that the tokenholders would receive gradual rewards of the profits generated from the success of various ICOs that are part of the ICOO’s Conglomerate. Yet, the ICOO is slowly gaining its mainstream momentum, based on the featured articles in Forbes, EconoTimes, amd Fintechist.

There is still time to participate in the ICOO’s ICOs, by visiting the site ICOO,IO. By entering promo code bestradingbrokers it is possible for ICO participants to receive discounts on purchasing the Initial Coin Offering OpenLedger tokens!

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