Crypto Post #53: HashFlare Review

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Hashflare is a cloud mining supplier that provides cloud mining contracts with various algorithm to its users. Hashflare is one of the biggest cloud mining suppliers for mining contracts and has been dynamic in this market since 2014. The mining of digital currency is accomplished through substantial organizations with vast mining rigs. The mission of Hashflare is to make these mining ranches open to people, allowing everybody to begin with cloud mining and profiting, even those who do not possess the mining rig technologies.

HASHFLARE DISCOUNT CODE: C5B3F5C1 (Discount On All Cloud Mining Contract Purchases!!!!!!!)


  • Very Low Maintenance Costs
  • Automatic Payments
  • Widespread Mining Pools
  • Cloud Mines Popular Cryptocurrencies (BTC, ZEC, ETH, DASH)
  • Passive Return on Investment

LocalBitcoins Details

Cloud Mining Platform Broker HashFlare
Founded 2015
Headquartered Estonia
Algorithms SHA-256, Scrypt, ETHASH, EQUIHASH, X11
Platform Type Cloud Mining Contract Provider
Transaction Fees Fixed
Coins Mined Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, DASH
Customer Service Contact Support Via Email
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, VK, Geektimes

HASHFLARE DISCOUNT CODE: C5B3F5C1 (Discount On All Cloud Mining Contract Purchases!!!!!!!)

Full HashFlare Review

The first thing needed to get started with HashFlare is to register an account. register an account

When you register, you can access the dashboard and then confirm your e-mail address.
Remember to enable 2-factor verification, see Settings -> 2-Factor Confirmation -> Activate.
Once you have completed all the safety segments, you could start your journey in purchasing some hashpower.

In the dashboard, you’ll see the Bitcoin (BTC) price in association of the monetary price, which you can withdraw.
What is remarkable about Hashflare is that you can reinvest your earnings back into the program.
This is possible for SHA-256 and Scrypt contracts.
In case you scroll down even further, you will see all algorithms that are offering hashpower.
Each calculation shows you how to adjust to desired coin.
In the income figure, you can see what you temporarily get with your acquired hash power.
In case you just signed up, all ratings are 0 and you need to buy hashpower with the Buy Hashrate feature.
You will realize that it’s not difficult to buy HashFlare contracts.

Hashflare Slide to buy hashrate

  • Bitcoin

    $1.50 /10 GH/s
    • Algorithm: SHA-256
    • Min Hashrate: 10 GH/s
    • Fee: 0.0035 $
    • Valid: 1 year
    • Payout: BTC
    • In Stock
  • Bitcoin

    $7.50 /1 MH/s
    • Algorithm: SCRYPT
    • Min Hashrate: 1 MH/s
    • Fee: 0.01 $
    • Valid: 1 year
    • Payout: BTC
    • In Stock
  • Ethereum

    $2.20 /100 KH/s
    • Algorithm: ETHASH
    • Min Hashrate: 100 KH/s
    • Fee: None
    • Valid: 1 year
    • Payout: ETH
    • In Stock
  • ZCash

    $2.00 /1 H/s
    • Algorithm: EQUIHASH
    • Min Hashrate: 1 H/s
    • Fee: None
    • Valid: 1 year
    • Payout: ZEC
    • In Stock
  • Dash

    $3.20 /1 MH/s
    • Algorithm: X11 (Dash)
    • Min Hashrate: 1 MH/s
    • Fee: None
    • Valid: 1 year
    • Payout: Dash
    • In Stock

You’ll see here that exclusive the SHA256 and SCRYPT algortims charge an upkeep expense. The support charge for Scrypt is: 0.01 $/1 MH/s per 24h and the expense for SHA256 is: 0.0035 $/10 GH/s per 24h. These are additional costs that you need to focus on. Note: The income conjecture demonstrates the benefits where this charges haven’t yet been deducted. So remember that your profits are somewhat lower. No expenses are charged for the Ethereum, ZCash and Dash contracts.

After you have chosen how much hashpower you need, you can go to the installment page. On this page you can make your purchasing request. Under Redeem Code feature, you enter the promo code C5B3F5C1 to receive a discount on your purchases. You could use the C5B3F5C1 discount code every time you buy hashpower for more discounts! Installment is conceivable through Bitcoin, Emercoin, wire exchange, charge card, Webmoney and Payeer. You could also pay from any of your earning that you have accumulated on your balance. The principal payout will occur following 24 hours. Happy Cloud Mining!


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