Bitcoin Donations [Episode 11]

gm41Today is a U.S. holiday called Thanksgiving. To show my gratitude that I am an owner of cryptocurrencies, why not donate some millibits on this special day? It could truly be relevant to expose generosity during such a day of giving, receiving, and appreciating.

On this day of giving, I have decided to donate to the non-profit called Nonprofit Recycling and Exchange Network. It is not my intention to advertise the network here. To those who want to learn more what the organization does, how/what to donate, and what are the donations used for, the N.R.E.N network has a detailed FAQ section with all relevant answers to alike questions.

To briefly put its purpose, the Nonprofit Recycling and Exchange Network has been established in 1994 to enable anyone donate any of their new or used items for charitable contributions. The network is subjected to distribute these items to the non-profit entities; either an institution facility or any office-based settings that have a great need for those items.

Because at the present moment I do not have any gadgets, tools, and accessories that I could donate to the network, I have decided to support the network through alternative means. On the “Donate” page, I have found out that it is possible to donate through PayPal or Bitcoin. Bitcoin was therefore my method of contributing some finances to the Recycles Network.

The purpose of this article was not to involve you readers in donating any of your items or money to anyone. Instead, the intent was to highlight one of the many examples of giving! The cycle of giving and receiving could be adventurous, impressive, and interesting to follow. It could work wonders if we learn to be more thankful and show gratitude when receiving something. The same wonders could be felt when we learn to give back to the society anything of our power more cheerfully and mercifully. Registered & Protected UULV-YZTI-52O9-NUDC Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved. BESTradingBrokers

NOTICE: BESTradingBrokers does not intent to profit from any of the written material on this website. None of the articles are meant to advertise any of the mentioned entities. Additionally, no copyright infringement is intended. As the current primary purpose of this website is to inspire generosity of cryptocurrency donations, it is anticipated that the material written on the site (including the blogs from Cryptanations Initiative) would motivate cryptocurrency enthusiasts to use the system behind the various cryptocurrencies for similar philanthropic means.

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