Bitcoin Donations [Episode 13]

Today’s donation turns out to be the 6th and final Bitcoin Donation of my series in donating to entities listed on Bitcoins For Charity. But no need to worry, as there would be more and more episodes on the alike theme of cryptocurrency donations. So, much more from this Initiative should be anticipated in the future. But for now, the final donation from this “mini-series” goes out to WikiLeaks!


There is no need for me to go into much detail describing what WikiLeaks is and what WikiLeaks attempts to accomplish, as many are already familiar with it. I would also not go into my own summary on WikiLeaks, as the organization is of so much controversy. But for those who are not aware of WikiLeaks, could imagine it as something like a Wikipedia with a database of documented information that would have otherwise been kept confidential. It is actually very interesting for me to witness that WikiLeaks accepts Bitcoin donations, as I have had some experience working with disclosure of confidential information on my own. But, it should be noted that my stance in donating cryptocurrency to WikiLeaks is not based on my own political views, but solely because this type of organization is listed on the Bitcoins For Charity charity list. And, I made myself a promise to donate to every single entity on that list on this blog!

So, be it and let my donation to WikiLeaks get transferred! Readers should take caution that this post does not intent to either encourage or discourage from donating to WikiLeaks. Some might support and others might oppose this international media source. In total, over 4,000 BTC have been already received as donations to the organization. This makes WikiLeaks one of the most funded entities so far mentioned on the BESTradingBrokers Cryptanations Initiative blog! But in any case, stay tuned for many more interesting “mini-series” and episodes blogs through this exciting cryptocurrecny donations Initiative hosted by BESTradingBrokers. Surely, many more well-known entities would be funded along the way.

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