Bitcoin Donations [Episode 14]

There is no intention at all for BESTradingBrokers Cryptanations Initiative to go political. This means that none of the articles in the blog are meant for marketing purposes of actions of political stance. Instead, the purpose of the Initiative is to support a sort of decentralized philanthropy, inspiring anyone to donate cryptocurrency anywhere they see fit. This notion correspondingly raises a sample of the next donation I am about to proceed with.


This episode’s donation goes out to the help of the country of Ukraine. Although a bit too late for this charity, Help Euromaidan, the reason for this giving is to declare that the donation is not political but only philanthropic. It is not even too comprehensible where these funds would go now, as the Euromaidan is over. But hopefully the donation would go towards actions that would help rebuild the nation of Ukraine and make it prosper! Let us just believe that the donation was not too late for benefiting Ukraine.

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