Bitcoin Donations [Episode 7]

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day in the U.S. It is a day the nation gets an opportunity to honor and respect the veterans and military members who have sacrificed or continue to sacrifice their lives to protect the safety and well-being of their country. To do just that, I have decided to search for organizations that try to benefit veterans.


The one I have found that accepts Bitcoin donation was Veterans for Entheogenic Therapy, INC. It is a Colorado-based 501.C3 non-profit organization established in 2013 with a primary focus in helping veterans who have suffered during and post-service PTSD. I have personally never heard much about entheogenic therapy. But, the recognition of the word “entheogen” defines as a substance that allows one to experience a spiritual presence. Therefore, entheogenic therapy could serve as a form of research to enable veterans suffering from PTSD receive a type of healing that would allow them to obtain a closer presence of the Superior Being they believe in. Yet, this spiritual practice should never be used if it produces any form of spiritual, mental, and/or physical harm to the individual that practices this form of rehabilitation.

One question some might ask, is entheogenic therapy the right method to help treat and prevent PTSD? I cannot answer this question as I have no relations to the research conducted by Veterans for Entheogenic Therapy, INC. Yet, I personally view that some alternative treatments could replace mainstream medicine if properly utilized (this is just like comparing Bitcoin with alternative currencies, in that alt-coins could be used for functions that the Bitcoin technology is not compatible with). Whether or not entheogenic therapy is practical in preventing PTSD, I cannot comment. Regarding the topic of PTSD prevention, I consider that PTSD is a serious condition that needs prevention as soon as possible. In college, I have learned about the horrors that veterans suffered because of the PTSD condition after what they had to experience in the military. So, it is righteous that I could at least contribute something to help potentially prevent PTSD. Off course, the best way to prevent post-military PTSD is an elimination of global anger, global feuds, global warfare, and global necessity of military intervention. This way, there would not be any need for a military that harms its members so much.

By donating some millibitcoin to Veterans for Entheogenic Therapy, INC, I am acting in a form of kindness with a wish to indirectly help veterans who are unfortunate to suffer from PTSD. I am extremely hopeful that the founders of this non-profit produce a legal, non-harmful, and effective treatment of PTSD and would significantly help prevent PTSD and other conditions that negatively impact some. Although I would have liked to additionally donate Bitcoin to other more well-known organizations including Wounded Warrior Project, Purple Heart Foundation, and VVA, but these organizations do not accept Bitcoin donations for now. For those who would like to donate to any of these organizations, you are always welcomed. Registered & Protected UULV-YZTI-52O9-NUDC Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved. BESTradingBrokers

NOTICE: BESTradingBrokers does not intent to profit from any of the written material on this website. None of the articles are meant to advertise any of the mentioned entities. Additionally, no copyright infringement is intended. As the current primary purpose of this website is to inspire generosity of cryptocurrency donations, it is anticipated that the material written on the site (including the blogs from Cryptanations Initiative) would motivate cryptocurrency enthusiasts to use the system behind the various cryptocurrencies for similar philanthropic means.

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