Bitcoin Donations [Episode 8]

This episode would highlight a highly significant post. First, I would update on how Bitcoin donations would be allocated throughout subsequent episodes. Next, I would feature an organization that would be a key to five or more of my following articles for the Bitcoin Donations blog. Finally, I would conclude to what organization I have donated to today.

After a brief reminiscence of my earliest Bitcoin donations, I have become aware that I have donated random amounts of BTC to random organizations. These random numbers came straight from my head and I did not think much about how much I would decide to donate. Now, I have figured that each organization deserves an equal amount of donation on behalf of my Bitcoin wallet, regardless of the organization’s scope of influence. For the past several donations, I have donated roundly 3,000 millibits. For my later donations, I would attempt to provide an equal portion of Bitcoins to the organizations I would donate to. These donations could be 3,000 millibits, more or less, based on the Bitcoin price at any given time and according to my own financial competencies derived from my bitcoin wallet. By donating same amounts of cryptocurrencies to different organizations, I might help raise awareness that we all are equal and deserve equal sums of contributions and assistance regardless of our worldly authority, position, and standing.

Now, I would like to introduce an organization that has a similar goal as mine – inspire the use of Bitcoins for charity. Consequently, this organization is called Bitcoins For Charity! Bitcoins For Charity is a completely non-profit organization based in Palm Springs, California that has an objective to aggregate various organizations that accept Bitcoin contributions, and to encourage visitors to Bitcoins For Charity to either directly donating Bitcoin to or mining using Krad Miner Bitcoin for the listed organizations. The organizations which Bitcoins For Charity features include Free Software Foundation, Amani Kinderdorf, FreedomBox Foundation, Nonprofit Recycling and Exchange Network, Vaizard Institute, and WikiLeaks. So, these are the 6 organizations to which I would donate my Bitcoins next.

Finally, I would take this pleasurable moment to mention where I have decided to donate my 3,000 millibits. The donation went to the support of Free Software Foundation. The Free Software Foundation runs entirely non-profit, with a goal to advocate for entirely free worldwide usage of computer software. The organization attempts to achieve this by targeting resources and campaigns in advocacy efforts for implementing opportunities of free usage of computer software. I am planning to focus my next Bitcoin contributions to the organizations on the Bitcoins For Charity list of “Other Charities”.

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