Cryptazon Post #18: One of the Most Expensive Dresses on Amazon

Product Summary:

Who said women cannot be rich through cryptocurrencies? If some cannot, that does not mean their husbands cannot. To those who are rich should try considering buying this fiber optic luminous dress. This dress is for those women who want to feel luxurious, elegant, and fancy as they are the new elite personas of cryptocurrency. Colors of this dress (White, Red, Green, Blue) could be changed by a press of a button on a wiresless remote control. Now that is high-tech! This dress even glows in the dark and could be worn for a wedding, banquet, prom, or a not-so-simple night out.

Brand Name: Light Up Evening Luminous Fiber Optic Bridal Gown Glow In The Dark Wedding Dress

Seller: Fiber Optic Fabric Clothing

Fabric: High Tech Fiber Optic Fabric

Source of Lightning: RGB LED lights

Minimum Price: $3,500.00

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