Cryptazon Post #22: One of the Most Expansive Chandeliers on Amazon

Product Summary:

To illuminate your mansion with brightness, color, and prestige, is this $1,633,448.62 ivory chandelier. The probable reason behind this hilarious price is probably because the seller thinks that a cryptocurrency-made multi-millionaire probably does not care about the price of a lamp hanging on top of a ceiling of a more-than-a-million dollar mansion. This chandelier features 10 lamps. Probably each lamp symbolizes each $1,000,000 of the market value of the chandelier owner’s mansion.

Brand Name: Basketweave 10 Arm Chandelier, Ivory

Seller: Stone County Ironworks

Minimum Price: $1,633,448.62

Voltage Usage: 60 watts

Number of Lamps: 10




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