Cryptazon Post #30: One of the Most Expansive Vases on Amazon

Product Summary:

This is a decorative clay porcelain vase that is hand-painted and hand-carved. This vase illumines a majestic charming affect every time its cryptocurrency millionaire owner glances at it. Additional uses of this vase other than putting it on a visible location inside a mansion include furnishing of 5-star hotels or other fancy places. Actually, this vase could be placed anywhere where posh sense is favored. This porcelain vase could especially be of an interest to those who like lotus vine plants, as a celestial sphere lotus vine plant is drawn all over the vase. As porcelain ceramic material is known for its luxurious objects, this vase object is no exception.

Brand Name: Celestial Sphere Desktop Vase of Underglaze Blue And White Glazed Porcelain Cyan Lotus Vine Twine

Seller: Sungao

Minimum Price: $18,800.00

Material: Porcelain

Height: 3.5 Meters




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