Crypto Post #16: ICOO – Only Two Days Left of ICOO ICO!

This is a second article of the ICOO ICO. The Initial Coin Offering of Initial Coin Offering Openledger. To those who do not know anything about the ICOO should be advised to read the first article about this coin offering. Currently, 374,045 ICOO tokens have already been ordered. While it is not as profitable to purchase ICOO as it has been in June (775 ICOO tokens could be purchased from 1 BTC, compared to June’s 1,000), there is still a reasonable cause for investors to purchase these tokens because of their potential future value and possible monthly dividend distributions.

There are no major news updates about this ICOO, based on a low volume of posts about this coin offering featured on bitsharestalk and other mediums. This suggests that not so many are either familiar or interested in ICOO. With the continued trend, it would be difficult for this token to obtain any significant value and worth unless it would be actively advertised by Openledger, CCEDK, and major reputable sources. Like with so many other assets and cryptocurrencies around, it seems reasonable to suspect that ICOO’s success might not instant. But, for those who strongly believe in the token’s intrinsic value could expect ICOO’s road into the direction of success if properly implemented and advertised by the developers and Bitshares management team as a whole.

There is still time to participate in the ICOO’s ICOs, by visiting the site ICOO,IO. By entering promo code bestradingbrokers it is possible for ICO participants to receive discounts on purchasing the Initial Coin Offering OpenLedger tokens!

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