Crypto Post #27: Genesis Mining Has A New Powering Source? (Pokemon Go Reference)

This article you are about to read may sound very silly. In fact, it might be one of the silliest articles you would find in this blog site. Yet, one idea behind this post might seem among the smartest suggestions yet. This article is in reference to the Genesis Mining (genesis-mining,com) Twitter feed, hash-tagged #miningfarm, #gottacatchthemall, and #bitcoin.


The Twitter feed features a Pikachu from Pokemon Go app, which is supposedly “powering up” a mining farm that Genesis Mining utilizes in Iceland. The feed further notes that this Pikachu has “saved Genesis Mining’s costs on energy”. So, what is so special about this fantasy-themed tweet? The thing is that if all of this was real, then cryptocurrency miners would have greater opportunities to mine their favorite coins without spending thousands of dollars on electricity and updated equipment. This is not to advocate for a real-life Pikachu to help miners power-up their mining farms. That would be just silly childish non-sense (accept off course to those Pokemon Go fans who actually believe that Pokemons are real-life creatures!). But, what could be learned from this idea is that cryptocurrency mining farm owners could really use something similar! With so many technological advances going around within the blockchain ecosystems, why not have some corporations build robots with functions to do exactly as was done in make-believe in this mentioned Pokemon Go tweet? These robots do not necessarily have to be shaped like some cute Vulpix or Eevee Pokemon. What these robots need is to have an ability to energize and power-up the mining rigs for miners. This way, mining energy costs would be conveniently reduced and would allow cryptocurrency miners to run their mining farms for extended time-frames. As of now, development of robots for crypto-mining powering is not a completely well-known and easy-to-implement area. But all of this could be successfully accomplished with further studies on demand of powerful technologies to make mining easier and more convenient.

For current cryptocurrency miners who spend fortunes on electricity costs, it could make sense to rely on Genesis Mining cloud mining SHA256, and X11, and Ether (currently sold-out) contracts to let GM auto-mine your favorite coins for you. But when this themed Pokemon Go message would inspire the development of “Crypto Mining Helpers”, miners would be back on track to profitably mine their desired coins!

It only takes 7 steps to start cloud mining with Genesis Mining today:
1. Sign Up to Genesis Mining (or Sign In)
2. On the left panel of your account, click Upgrade Hashpower
3. Indicate type of cloud mining contract & hashpower value you would like to purchase
4. Choose your payment method (cryptocurrency, wire, or credit card)
5. Click Continue
6. Enter/Validate Promo code: yLpGnW (to receive 3% off DISCOUNT of your purchase)
7. Check “AGREE ON TERMS”, press CONFIRM ORDER, and you are now ready to start cloud mining!!!!!!!


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