DogeCoin Donations [Episode 2]

So, today as usual I got my payout from Genesis Mining in the form of DogeCoin. What I found unusual, is that somehow my payout is 2 cents more compared to yesterdays. Maybe that is because I have donated 7 DogeCoin the other day to save sharks, as I have told you about on my previous blog? Well, today’s payout was 683 DOGE from my SHA256 contract and 322 DOGE from X11 contract.

Today I further surfed Reddit channels in hopes to find more charitable initiatives that accept DogeCoin donations. And I have come across Folding@Home. Because it has been a bit late in the day and I did not feel to read in depth what this initiative is and whether or not it still exists, I have decided to send them 7 DOGE just for the sake of it. Here is the transaction with proof. In short, Folding@Home has an intention to fund money for some kind of scientific research and distribute some additional funds to fellow DogeCoin enthusiasts. However, I am not too convinced that the Reddit user who posted about this commitment is in fact involved with Folding@Home. But if he is, he is doing a great job promoting social well-being! Anyways, I have found the official DogeCoin embedded website of Folding@Home and in one of the next blogs I would post about giving some DOGE to the address provided on that page


(If you plan to sign up and purchase hashpower from Genesis Mining, use promo code “yLpGnW” for 3% discount. This would benefit this blog greatly as it would have a positive domino affect on my hashpower, which would mean higher amounts of DOGENATIONS for good causes! Learn About This Current Philanthropic Project HERE. Learn About Genesis Mining HERE).
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