Crypto Post #33: Could Cryptocurrency Miners Learn From Real-World Mining/Drilling?

Cryptocurreny mining might be a revolutionary complimentary for real world mining. Now, it could be profitable to not only mine for coal, gold, copper, diamonds, and other physically material things. But also could be plausible to mine Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, ZCash, and so many other digital things. While some of these digital things are used for financial valuation, it could be also practical to incorporate nearly any cryptocurrency for other things rather than financial transactions and payments.

After watching the 2015 film “The 33“, which is based on real events, I became highly fascinated by the method proposed by the minister of mining to eventually get the mining rig to drill on target to rescue the trapped miners, by “making the mining drill to first miss on purpose to the extent that it would eventually hit the specified target”. From this, I developed my own allegory which could help those aware to learn from the real-world mine drilling and put this example into practice for cryptocurrency mining using any hardware mining rigs! Below, is a picture of the allegory which I have used to attempt to depict this allegory.


So what does the picture show? It represents “The 33 = The XXXIII”, which proves that the number “33” corresponds (or equals to) the numeral of the same number – XXXIII! Below this you could see a mining drill in the desert that also corresponds (or equals to) a crpytocurrency mining rig hardware! This representation is intended to show that what is learned from real-world mining could be equated to and applied towards virtual mining. Now you could perceive that the mining drill and rig could go hand in hand to solve various problems. While in the biographical film “33”, the mining drill was used to solve the problem by rescuing the trapped miners, an implication of this example could be used for having the mining rig to solve algorithmic problems to mine more cryptocurrencies. Thus, to mine the cryptocurrencies it might be first necessary to purposefully strive to miss the intended target for personal monetary profits. Instead, it may be more reasonable for mining cryptocurrencies for other more noteworthy purposes that would produce positive implications. For that exist, it is necessary to prioritize cryptocurrency mining not for personal benefit but for the benefit of a greater whole, be it either to help some community get out of poverty or using the technological advantages of cryptocurrencies to solve other societal problems that cannot be solved by any physical thing including diamonds, copper, gold, and coal. Registered & Protected UULV-YZTI-52O9-NUDC Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved. BESTradingBrokers

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