Crypto Post #34: Genesis Mining Pre-Orders Are Back For ZCash [Equihash] Cloud Mining

Yes, this is just another Genesis Mining article. I am completely aware that I have frequented my emphasis of writing on Genesis Mining for some time now. While in the past I have mostly wrote about news on various cryptocurrencies, now I tend to focus primarily on my DogeCoin (and recently Bitcoin) Donations blog posts, and the news stories on the Hong-Kong-based cloud mining provider, Genesis Mining. While I am certain that some time I would be back in mood in writing about cryptocurrencies in general, for now please excuse me and read more about yet another story on Genesis Mining if you like.


As we all might already know, ZCash mining has been active since October 28th. This also means that various cloud mining providers (including Genesis Mining) have enabled the cloud mining competency of this coin. While the cloud mining contracts for Equihash have been sold-out for some time before and after October 28th ZCash mining start date, the good news now is that these contracts could be pre-ordered for a limited time. By purchasing these contract batches now, cloud mining for ZCash would be available starting December 1st.

Off course, as of now it is too early to predict the ROI from cloud mining ZCash. This is because of the high volatility of the Market Cap of this new cryptocurrency. Yet, the inference that the price of ZCash could decrease as more ZCash is mined should not scare away ZCash enthusiasts, because the contradicting inference could be drawn that the price could in fact increase as more ZCash is mined if popularity and use-case of this cryptocurrency would skyrocket.

The below chart shows the ZCash’s rise in Market Cap by almost 4 TIMES in less than 1 week! While on October 31st the Market Cap did not even enter $1,000,000, on November 2nd, the Market Cap by far exceeded $4,000,000. This perspective does not have much promising aspects on the price of ZCash, which averages around $1,000 throughout the first week of mining. For now, the enthusiasts of this coin could stay vigiliant and see where ZCash goes from here.



Has This ZCash Story Got You Interested In Cloud Mining?

It only takes 7 steps to start cloud mining with Genesis Mining today:
1. Sign Up to Genesis Mining (or Sign In)
2. On the left panel of your account, click Upgrade Hashpower
3. Indicate type of cloud mining contract & hashpower value you would like to purchase
4. Choose your payment method (cryptocurrency, wire, or credit card)
5. Click Continue
6. Enter/Validate Promo code: yLpGnW (to receive 3% off DISCOUNT of your purchase)
7. Check “AGREE ON TERMS”, press CONFIRM ORDER, and you are now ready to start cloud mining!!!!!!!


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