Crypto Post #41: Ethereum Price Analysis June 2017

After deciding to continue following the latest cryptocurrency news, I have become especially interested at looking at the price of Ethereum while deciding on the reasons for a price rise or fall for any particular time-frame.

Right now, I would like to point out an analysis of Ethereum’s Ether price for the month of June. At this month, Ether price has experienced an all-time high at reaching low 400s at one point. Yet, between June 26 – 28, the price drastically declined and decreased to high 200s. As of writing, Ether price rebounded a bit, to reaching its average 300s mark. June has indeed been an interesting month for Ethereum. Let us see what surprises next month would bring.

After witnessing this price increase of Ether in the recent times, some cryptocurrency enthusiasts could wonder at the reasons why specifically May and June of 2017 are the times of the beginning of Ether’s incredible skyrocketed value. Only couple of months ago, Ether price was at a quite steady $40 – $50 per Ether average. And June brought forth with it a ladder for a very quick price increase! Now are only the first days of summer. Perhaps this summer would heat up Ether value even higher? Registered & Protected UULV-YZTI-52O9-NUDC Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved. BESTradingBrokers

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