Crypto Post #44: Dogecoins Used By Social Network Platforms

I have frequently read about various mindsets of an idea having Dogecoin as a recognized form of payment method for social media. Aside from having Dogecoin as an active tipping instrument on Reddit, there could have been plenty of additional use-cases of this cryptocurrency.

For instance, imagine if Dogecoin becomes an official payment method that could be used by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. users to send money instantly to anyone in the world with only couple of clicks and without the hassle of logging into a Paypal or bank account. This scenario would undoubtedly be of great happiness to Doge HODLers, as the price would go towards the moon if any well-known social networking site implements a Doge payment function.

You might ask, why would social networking sites even consider adopting the Dogecoin technology for their networks? Would not it be of greater reason if their instead implement payment functions of more widely used coins? Well, one argument in favor of Dogecoin instead of any other coin is just this – the notion of FUN behind Dogecoin. The Shiba Inu dog meme and logo of the coin by itself is bright, fun, colorful, and brings forth a happy mood. Is not social networking developed to brighten up one’s mood through online expression? Dogecoin logo might seem like an exceptionally expressive, and could highly be of nice usage within a social networking platform if (once) the coin is being used as a payment option there.

So, watch out for some news, as Dogecoin could actually soon enough become used in social networking outside of Reddit. This is not my telling, but a logical interpretation of would Dogecoin could be used for based on multiple such comments online.

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