Crypto Post #46: Awaiting Safe Exchange Coin’s Wallet Release

It has been previously reported by the development team that the Safe Exchange Coin (SAFEX) wallet would be released on August 15th 2017. Yet, two days have past and still no wallet! In other recent news about the SAFEX project, many for days were waiting for the upcoming Forbes article featuring SAFEX. This Forbes article is already out, but to a minor disappointment the article did not focus much on the marketing and familiarization aspects of SAFEX, but instead served as a guide on running an ICO.

To those who still have not given up their hopes of what SAFEX plans to deliver, no anger should be held towards the development team. There is certainty that the team has good reasons to delay with the official wallet release for the public. These reasons could be encountered bugs or any internal causations which prevent the timely release of the wallet. It would be nice if SAFEX believer’s patience would pay off and the outcome of the wallet’s release toward’s the SAFEX ecosystem would be favorable to the current coin investors.

There have been multiple comments flowing through the SAFEX message board that the true value of each SAFEX at the moment should have been at least $1, if more publicity was available to educate the public what this technology plans to accomplish. But before reaching conclusions of what the actual value of SAFEX should be, it might be necessary to wait for the launch of the Chille blockchain to determine the blockchain’s impact on SAFEX. But for now, all that is left for SAFEX enthusiasts to do is to wait for the wallet’s release and hope that the development team would succeed in delivering their project to the exceeding potential. Registered & Protected UULV-YZTI-52O9-NUDC Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved. BESTradingBrokers

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