Crypto Post #58: As Promised, Waves Platform Post/ FintechBit

The Previous Crypto Post episode hinted that there would be more discussion posts on platforms other than Ethereum. As promised, this post would start off with Waves Platform and one of the upcoming ICOs on top of the Waves ecosystem.

This post would not discuss the Waves Platform in general. We’ll leave it to some other time. You could explore and learn about it on your own as there are so many resources out there. Instead, let’s emphasize an ICO that is soon scheduled to run on top of the platform. This ICO is Fintechbit. According to the general description of FintechBit, FintechBit is meant to become one of the 1st tokens to create an AI for financial trading within the decentralized ecosystem. Basically, it could be viewed as a mechanism that allows token holders to take part in trading through an AI automated trading bot. The trading bot developed is PredicTrader, which would trade for the token holders. If understood correctly, FintechBit token holders would not require to trade by themselves. Instead, the PredicTrader automatic bot would do all the trading. All the “hands-off traders” would not do receive profits is hold on to their FintechBit tokens. This does seem an interesting idea. Many have often been wondering where they could find an AI bot that would trade their cryptocurrencies for them. This idea would especially benefit those who are new, amateur, and unexperienced traders who want to take a hands-off to cryptocurrency trading. There are similar crypto bots available, including CryptoTrader. Yet, there are not much (if any) bots that would do all the trading for you based on the altcoins you hold.

Some More Information About FintechBit:

Based: Las Vegas, USA (place where the money runs)

Total Token Supply: 560 Million

Altcoin Type: Cryptocurrency Trading

If successful, this new type of technology could be revolutionary, as it would allow anyone without any trading experience to benefit from automated trading. The pre-ICO would likely run from December 2, 2017 for an entire month. At this time, each FintechBit token would be worth 1 penny. At the time of the ICO, the token could be purchased for two US pennies. However, it might be better to skip the ICO, and only offer a pre-ICO. That way, it would be sooner when token holders could benefit from this automated bot run on PredicTrader.

By no way is this information an investment advice. It would have only been an investment advice if it was an insider information by a professional Wall Street stock trader. Instead, it is just an example of technologically advanced potential of companies that could be run on the Waves Platform! Registered & Protected UULV-YZTI-52O9-NUDC Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved. BESTradingBrokers

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