Crypto Post #62: How to Cloud Mine Monero Through Genesis Mining

If you are ready to start cloud mining Monero through Genesis Mining not only because Monero contracts are the only ones currently available for purchase but also because Monero coin is constantly increasing in price, then Genesis Mining provider is all you need!

You could see in the pricing section Monero contracts come into 3 packages with differing hashpower rates and costs. Each packages offer TWO years of cloud mining Monero with NO maintenance fees. The starter package is Blaine. It costs $83,000 for 1000 H/ s. Second is a best buy (and not the electronics store) Dynamo, which is $246 for 3,000 H/ s. And finally is the maximum profit Houdini, which some could view as a bargain for only $7,200 you get 9000 H/ s of hashpower cloud mining privileges. Alternatively to all this, you could create a custom plan of up to $12,000 and a maximum of 15,000 H/s.

When you are all set and know which plan you want, you would want to hit “PURCHASE PLAN”. After you sign up, indicate how much hashpower and for how much money you wish to purchase the 2-year Monero cloud mining contract. Then, choose a payment method (either Credit Card, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Dash, or LiteCoin), and hit “CONTINUE >”. And, pay up front! Next is very, very, very, very, very, very, and very IMPORTANT: On the field where it asks “Promo code?”, ENTER: yLpGnW (this way you would definitely get a 3% promotional discount on your purchase). You could afterwards enter the promo code yLpGnW everytime you desire to purchase even more Monero cloud mining contracts or any other contracts when they would be available.

After all this, you are all set. You would immediately begin your adventure to cloud mining Monero! Have a happy and prosperous cloud mining experience! Registered & Protected UULV-YZTI-52O9-NUDC Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved. BESTradingBrokers

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