Crypto Post #63: CCG Mining Review

CCG Mining is a United Kingdom based cryptocurrency cloud mining provider established in 2016. Services include Cloud Mining Contracts, Hosting of Mining Rigs, and even business partnership VIP packages. CCG Mining customer support could be reached via email or Skype.

  • Cloud Mining Contracts
  • Mining Rigs
  • VIP Packages
  • Mining Farm in Central Europe
  • SSL Secure and DDOS Protect

CCG Mining Details

Cloud Mining Broker CCG Mining
Founded 2016
Headquartered London, United Kingdom
Payment Methods Bitcoin, PAYEER
Coins Mined Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZCash, Monero, DASH, LiteCoin, LBRY
Offered Services Mining Rigs, Cloud Mining Contracts, CCG Smart Contracts, and VIP Packages
Security Type SSL Secure/ DDOS Protect
Principle Slogan “We make it easy for you”
Mining Farm Location Central Europe
Customer Service Email and Skype
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, VKontakte, YouTube

Full CCG Mining Review

General Information

Established in 2016 and headquartered in United Kingom, CCG Mining is a cryptocurrency cloud mining and mining rig provider that offers its valuable services to users around the world. Not as popular as other big-shot cloud mining companies out there (Genesis Mining and HashFlare), CCG Mining primarily targets European clients. With branch offices in Great Britain, Russia, Poland, Latvia, Austria, and Czech Republic, CCG Mining strategically welcomes new clients from all over Europe, and from other regions worldwide who became fortunate enough to learn about this perspective crypto cloud mining company.


Account Information

Once opening an account, users could choose either to allow CCG Mining to host their mining rigs, or purchase cloud mining contracts to begin cloud mining immediately 48 hours after the payment is processed. The supported payment methods are Bitcoin and PAYEER. All cloud mined profits are available in account on 15th day of every month. The offered services include cloud mining contract purchases, hosting of your physical mining rigs, CCG Smart Contracts in which your mining devices are supported in CCG Mining’s Data Centre, and VIP Packages featuring CCG Mining business partnership.

Services Information

Cloud Mining Contracts

Bitcoin (Starting From $19.99 per 50 GH/s. Open-ended contract with maintenance fee of $0.00038 per 24 H/s)

Ethereum (2-year cloud mining contracts starting from $27.99 per 1 MH/s with no maintenance fees)

ZCash (2-year cloud mining contracts starting from $34.99 per 20 H/s with no maintenance fees)

Monero (2-year cloud mining contracts starting from $46.99 per 60 H/s with no maintenance fees)

DASH (1-year cloud mining contracts starting from $27.99 per 5 MH/s with no maintenance fees)

Litecoin (2-year cloud mining contracts starting from $25.99 per 2 MH/s with no maintenance fees)

LBRY Credits (2-year cloud mining contracts starting from $47.99 per 20 MH/s with no maintenance fees)

Custom Plan Offered For Each Package

Mining Rigs

BASIC ($3,810 * excl. VAT/ BASED ON 6 X AMD RX580)

BASIC+ ($3,549 * excl. VAT/ BASED ON 6 X NVIDIA 1060)

ADVANCED ($4510.00* excl. VAT/ BASED ON 6 X NVIDIA 1070)

ADVANCED TURBO+ ($5,095 * excl. VAT/ BASED ON 6 X NVIDIA 1080)

FURY ($6,282 * excl. VAT/ BASED ON 6 X NVIDIA 1080TI)

FURY TURBO+ 11839.00 USD * excl. VAT BASED ON 13*NVIDIA 1080TI

Custom Mining Rig (Build Your Own Unique Rig)

VIP Packages

Business partnership opportunities with CCG Mining.

Customer Services

Customer support could be reached by email or Skype. For additional information about CCG Mining, a FAQ section is available. You could also learn about CCG Mining through social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, VKontakte, YouTube. Registered & Protected UULV-YZTI-52O9-NUDC Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved. BESTradingBrokers

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