Crypto Post #73: Binance Review

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Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Tokyo, Japan. Established in 2017, it is just now getting popularity. The exchange offers high liquidity levels, low transaction fees, and multi-lingual support. Read the full review below and click one of the “Visit Broker” buttons below to open Binance account and start trading today!
  • Available In Web, Android, WeChat, and PC Devices
  • High Level Of Liquidity
  • Processes More Than 1 Million Orders Per Second
Trading Platform Broker Binance
Founded 2017
Headquartered Tokyo, Japan
Payment Methods Cryptocurrency
Platform Type Cryptocurrency Exchange
Orders Limit and Stop-Limit
Deposit Limit Unlimited
C.E.O. Changpeng Zhao
Fees 0.1%
Customer Service Online Request
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, SteemIt, Mediun

Full Binance Review

Platform Information

In addition to an easy-to-navigate platform which includes an online exchange, Binance additionally offers a Binance Labs for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to get more creative with their crypto expertise, as well as a LaunchPad which lists successful projects sponsored through Binance. And, off course Binance offers an affiliate program with payouts starting at 20% real-time.

Account Information

So, ready to start trading through Binance? Open Account now please. Then, hit “Deposit” to fund that account. Funding an account could be performed using cryptocurrencies. Next to the “Deposit” section on the Funds tab is the “Withdrawal”. This is what you press to withdraw your funds when you feel like it. On same tab is “Balances”. This section would allow you to see how many millions of dollars you have made thanks to trading with Binance and which of your cryptocurrencies are worth those millions of dollars. Finally, the “Transaction History” shows what trades made you millions of those green fiat bills.

The account’s Order tab shows “Open Orders” (if there are any trades currently active), “Order History”, and “Trade History”.


Customer Services

Additional information about Binance could be learned via the website’s official FAQ section. For particular questions, you could send an online request ticket by clicking on “Submit Request”. To connect with Binance on social media (and have Binance as your friend), Binance is all over Social Networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, Telegram, and others. So, be sure to send Binance a telegram on Telegram if you like to!

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