Crypto Post #74: Exmo Review

NOTE: Information presented mostly for educative purposes. Trade at your own risk. If you wish to sign up to EXMO, be sure to do so by clicking “Visit Broker” and signing up. This would enable you to show BESTradingBrokers staff your appreciation for relying on this information!
EXMO is a cryptocurrency exchange that is established in 2013 as an exchange and headquartered in England. Although EXMO’s fees are a bit higher than leading exchanges, EXMO offers payment methods that many leading exchanges do not have which include Payza, Money Polo, and Merger With Crypto Capital. EXMO has a complete Exchange interface as well as a simplified feature which easily allows buying and selling coins with minimum clicks. While the exchange is not yet too popular, it needs great traders like you so that the two of you could thrive together. Read the below information to determine whether to start thriving with EXMO today.
  • Many Payment Methods
  • Easy-To-Use Interface
  • Offers Limit And Instant Orders
Trading Platform Broker Exmo
Founded 2013
Headquartered England
Payment Methods Cryptocurrency, Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, Debit Card, Credit Card, Visa/MasterCard, Payeer, OKPAY, Neteller, Payza, Perfect Money, CryptoCapital, Money Polo, GiroPay, BanContact, SEPA, CryptoCapital, DotPay, AdvCash
Platform Type Cryptocurrency Exchange
Orders Limit and Instant
Limits Varied
C.E.O. Pavel Lerner
Fees 0.2%
Customer Service Customer Support
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Telegram

Full EXMO Review

Platform Information

Exmo’s cryptocurrency platform offers its users two options – 1) Buy & Sell: Designed for those traders who would like to go in-depth trading of available pairs with special privileges including orders (Limit Order or Instant Order), available real-time market graphs and charts, and even a chat room to discuss their trading successes with other fellow traders. 2) Exchange: Designed either for those who are new to cryptocurrency trading and are just starting up in the process while trying to make their first deposits, or those who are just trying to deposit funds for longer-term investing and are not interested in trading at the moment. The exchange feature is very simple. The options are: “Select currency pair to exchange” and a conversion scenario of I GIVE “X” I Receive “X”.

Account Information


These nice features of Exmo got you interested in opening a new account regardless of the company’s 0.2% fees? Great job! The next step would be to open an account. Be sure to click Open Account (referral link just for you), open an account (no, really?), verify account (if you want to protect account’s safety), deposit funds to your account (by clicking on “Finance” tab, and using payment methods including Cryptocurrency, Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, Debit Card, Credit Card, Visa/MasterCard, Payeer, OKPAY, Neteller, Payza, Perfect Money, CryptoCapital, Money Polo, GiroPay, BanContact, SEPA, CryptoCapital, DotPay, AdvCash), and finally START BUYING AND SELLING (JUST CALL IT TRADING) THE CRYPTOCURRENCY OF YOUR CHOICE!!!!!!!

Customer Services

More information about Exmo could be learned via the website’s FAQ section. For particular questions, it is possible to chat with a representative if available, or submit a request ticket. Additional fan-made information on Exmo could be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram.


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