Crypto Post #75: BitQuick Review

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BitQuick if a Bitcoin buying and/or selling solution to those who need to purchase or sell their Bitcoin in three hours of less. It costs 0% transaction fees to sell Bitcoin, so this is a fast and profitable way to sell cryptocurrency these days using payment methods to include Western Union, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and multiple other options. Just please do not confuse BitQuick with Nesquik, or else you would not buy Bitcoin, but instead buy the chocolate-flavored milk drink mix. which would definitely not come to your door steps within 3 hours!
  • Escrow System
  • Purchase BTC In 3 Hours Or Less
  • 0% Fess To Sell Bitcoin
Trading Platform Broker BitQuick
Founded 2013
Headquartered Ohio, USA
Payment Methods Western Union, Bank of America, Capital One, Citibank, TD USA, Wells Fargo, HSBC Bank of USA, Suntrust, Huntington Bank, PNC Bank, Regions Bank, Credit Union, BB&T Bank, Bank of the West, BMO Harris Bank, Citizens Bank, Key Bank, Navy Federal Credit Union, Key Bank, BBVA Compass Bank
Platform Type Bitcoin Trading
Orders Automatic After 1 Confirmation
Deposit Limit Unlimited
C.E.O. Jad Mubaslat
Fees 2% To Buy / 0% To Sell
Customer Service Online Request or Email
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Play, iTunes, Angel, LinkedIn, YouTube

Full BitQuick Review

Platform Information

BitQuick is known to be one of better known Bitcoin exchange companies, with among the easiest-to-use platforms. The platform allows users a very fast experience in converting fiat money into cryptocurrency money. As said on the website, BitQuick is a premier service to purchase cryptocurrency in only three hours of your time. Just please do not confuse BitQuick with Nesquik, or else you would end up buying the chocolate-flavored milk drink mix.

Account Information

To Buy Bitcoin: 1) Hit “BUY” on the main page. 2) Press “LAUNCH QUICK BUY”. 3) On the “How much would you like to buy?”, enter the amount in US Dollars (USD) or Bitcoin (BTC). 4) Hit “CONTINUE”. 5) Choose Payment Method. 6) Buy Your Bitcoin!

To Sell Bitcoin: 1) Hit “SELL” on the main page. 2) Follow all of the instructions closely on the page. 3) Sell Your Bitcoin!

Affiliate: BitQuick offers an affiliate program which pays monthly with transaction commission of 50%

Customer Services

BitQuick’s customer support could be reached via email or an online request form. Additional official company information could be found on the “HOW TO” or “BLOG” located on the main site. It is also possible to learn more about BitQuick through social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Play, iTunes, Angel, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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