Dogecoin Donation [Episode 29]

My previous several Dogecoin Donation posts focused on my Dogecoin giveaways to some random people who requested Dogecoin on Reddit. Finally, I once again found a new source through which I could directly donate Dogecoin for the benefit of an entire organization. That is why this episode’s donation would focus on my Dogecoin giveaway not to a specific individual, but to an entire entity!

Today I would like to donate to Doge 4 Family House. I have found about this charity initiative through a Reddit announcement which alleges a fundraiser to raise Dogecoin, with 100% funds going out to Family House, Inc.

Based on its action plan, The non-profit Family House, Inc. is located in San Francisco, CA, and is tasked in “providing temporary housing to families of seriously ill children receiving treatment at the University of California San Francisco Benioff Children’s Hospital” (Source). By donating to Doge4Family, all of the received donations are converted to US Dollars and allegedly go directly to Family House, Inc. in sponsoring of direct family support which includes food supplies, gas cards, diapers and various other necessary items as well as maintenance of residential services.

Because this fundraiser not benefits just one individual, but an entire organization as a whole, I have decided to give a bit more than what I have given on some of my past episodes. That is why I view that this 3,000 Dogecoin Donation is essential for finally reaching the fundraising goal of 1,500,000 DOGE. Perhaps, after the goal would be achieved, Dogecoin would be one step closer to reaching a wider popularity and going mainstream. Registered & Protected UULV-YZTI-52O9-NUDC Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved. BESTradingBrokers

NOTICE: BESTradingBrokers does not intent to profit from any of the written material on this website. None of the articles are meant to advertise any of the mentioned entities. Additionally, no copyright infringement is intended. As the current primary purpose of this website is to inspire generosity of cryptocurrency donations, it is anticipated that the material written on the site (including the blogs from Cryptanations Initiative) would motivate cryptocurrency enthusiasts to use the system behind the various cryptocurrencies for similar philanthropic means.

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