DogeCoin Donations [Episode 10]

In some default DogeCoin Donation episodes, some random DOGE donations would be given. This could be based on my mood of donating, lack of ability or interest on any specific day to research some new organizations that accept DogeCoin donations, or any other instances when I would almost unknowingly donate DogeCoin to some random requesters who provide their address. In some cases, these types of random donations could even be among the most meaningful.


This time, I have given the number “111” of DOGE to a random requester I accidentally found on YouTube. I expected the video to give an introduction on what Dogecoin is, but instead it just shows a non-functional QR code. Anyways, I have become attracted to the title of the video which headlines “Donate ANY Amount and be a Part of History”. If taking these words for granted, I have become part of history as a result of my donation. I do not know what type of history was referred to, but my kind actions undoubtedly positively shaped that specific part of history; the very moment I made the donation. If more alike DOGE-givers were able to scatter their DOGE towards good causes, a prolonged positive history in the world of cryptocurrencies would undoubtedly hence be in the making.

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