DogeCoin Donations [Episode 11]

My next mission of Dogecoin donations goes to giving DOGE to Megabyte Softworks. Megabyte Softworks could be described as a resource hub which has articles and tutorials on Algorithms, C++, and OpenGL development. The webpage is created by a Slovakian programming enthusiast, and is filled with many interesting ideas and projects made through software engineering activities.


I have found it fascinating that the creator of this resourceful webpage accepts Bitcoin and Dogecoin donations. You could donate to Megabyte Softworks directly by scanning the QR code above (do not worry, the donations would not go to me). This is a good thing that more and more programmers worldwide have familiarity with cryptocurrencies. Hopefully, the Megabyte Softworks creator or someone who is mentored through his projects would someday create useful applications by using crypto. To support crypto programming and continued development of this website, I have decided to make a small but generous contribution.

Since 2009, the page has been visited by over 1 million viewers. Although not a lot of content is currently written, we could assume that Megabyte Softworks would potentially increase in volume of articles and provide useful tutorials that would enable programmers to become enlightened with practical ideas for C++, OpenGL, and Algorithmic programming.


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