DogeCoin Donations [Episode 17]

In today’s episode, I would like to emphasize a non-profit organization I have found out about only today. It is called Malamute Matters. I assume it is a British-based organization because of the co,uk domain. By my uncertainty of the source of this non-profit, I prove that through BESTradingBrokers I am not affiliated to any of the organizations I donate to. I just do this from my own will and to raise awareness the act of kindness of goodwill donations.


Malamute Matters is an organization that aims to help dogs in need. MM acts like a charity whose objective is to help rescue dogs and rescued dogs simultaneously! All donations to the charity are put forth into efforts in maintenance of an emergency fund to help dogs that require financial assistance. There are many ways to help this organization: PayPal, Manual Donations, Dogecoin Donations, or by buying anything from the organization’s shop. The website says that 100% of all proceeds from the purchases would go towards the charitable cause of helping DOGgiEs!!! With 39 pages worth of merchandise on the website, there is no doubt that one could find something useful, such as this shirt:


So what does Malamute Matters teach us? One main thing – that dogs and animals are livings things just like humans, and likewise deserve our care, support, and contributions! This is why the dogechain transaction hash number 95711e68e32d764047c5a9193f1db5b9048a6404842f2fb2a0a1b39a64e618a5 verifies that BESTradingBrokers officially supports the noble cause in helping animals and humans alike! Registered & Protected UULV-YZTI-52O9-NUDC Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved. BESTradingBrokers

NOTICE: BESTradingBrokers does not intent to profit from any of the written material on this website. None of the articles are meant to advertise any of the mentioned entities. Additionally, no copyright infringement is intended. As the current primary purpose of this website is to inspire generosity of cryptocurrency donations, it is anticipated that the material written on the site (including the blogs from Cryptanations Initiative) would motivate cryptocurrency enthusiasts to use the system behind the various cryptocurrencies for similar philanthropic means.

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