DogeCoin Donations [Episode 3]

My personal self-made “DogeCoin Donations” Foundation is still very new, yet has very generous intentions in mind. In the previous post, I have donated to Folding@Home, and have promised to to eventually donate to the official site of the organization. But, today I would like to donate to another non-profit that accepts Bitcoin, DogeCoin, and Quarkcoin donations.

The non-profit organization to which I would donate today is Erowid. Erowid seems like a very mysterious and mystical source that provides various streams of information on subjects relating to human conditions and psychoactive states of mind. Various resources are available for interested individuals to become aware of. These include research on “Plants and Drugs”, “Mind and Spirit”, “Freedom and Law”, and “Culture and Art”.

According to the page, each month of September, Erowid has a goal of the number of donors to the organization. This year’s the “Support Drive” goal is 1,194 donors by October 1st. Donations could be performed via Paypal, Credit Card, or Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, DogeCoin, Quarkcoin). Although today I am reading about this non-profit organization for the first time, I still would like to donate some DogeCoin just for fun! Perhaps my lucky donation of 77 DOGE would make me the 1,194th donor! Please note that my donation does not signify whether or not I support this non-profit. I just donated because I have accidentally found out that Erowid accepts DOGE donations, and that it has a very straightforward goal of the amount of donors. Hopefully my 77 DOGE would do good for the society, and hopefully this story would motivate you dear readers to learn to DONATE some of your cryptocurrencies likewise!


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