DogeCoin Donations [Episode 4]

This blog episode is a continuation of the last post where the non-profit Erowid was introduced. Today is the last day when Erowid would accept donations for its yearly Support-a-Thone which takes places each September. As of now, 1,131 out of targeted 1,194 donors participated in this Support-a-Thone. On my next episode, I would briefly mention whether or not they have reached their goal.

But, here I would emphasize that I have added 23 DOGE to the 77 coins I have donated last time. This is to round up the number to 100 DogeCoin donated on my behalf. Afterwards, I would be of to begin searching for new placed to spare some of my “cloud mined” coins!

(If you plan to sign up and purchase hashpower from Genesis Mining, use promo code “yLpGnW” for 3% discount. This would benefit this blog greatly as it would have a positive domino affect on my hashpower, which would mean higher amounts of DOGENATIONS for good causes! Learn About This Current Philanthropic Project HERE. Learn About Genesis Mining HERE).
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