DogeCoin Donations [Episode 5]

This would be the final post where the non-profit organization Erowid would be exclusively featured. This post is actually a continuation of the subject where I discussed the organization’s annual Support-A-Thon.

As was written on the 3rd episode, Erowid tried to obtain at least 1,194 donations for the month of September. Yet, its main page shows that the total amount raised for September was 1,240 donations, which is the all-time record high! Off course, it is still possible to donate to them anytime, so I decided to donate extra 777 DOGE! This generosity was because I have not been donating any “DOGES” from my cloud mining profits for the past couple of days as I had limited accessibility to my blog.

After my second donation to them, I contacted the Erowid team to expose my current generosity of donating DOGE. This was an intention to get them aware that their DogeCoin donation capability is actually practical to enable them to receive donations for their cause. Yet, they responded me with a “Thanks for the contribution and the promotion of weirdo cryptocurrencies.” This response shows that although they are thankful for my donation, they still do not fully acknowledge DogeCoin as an effective method of contributing to something. This further highlights that it could still take time until enterprises begin to fully appreciate cryptocurrencies as an official means for financial transactions. But until then, it is up to DOGE and other Coin enthusiasts to “promote these exotic and peculiar new systems of payments”!


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