DogeCoin Donations [Episode 6]

After surfing the Reddit’s Dogecoin subreddit with an intention to look for some addresses to donate Dogecoin, I came upon a post submission where it was asked what would someone do with .5M Dogecoin if they were given the amount for philanthropic purposes.

It was interesting to read what others would do with that amount. It has been also great to witness from the comments that there are so many kind beings in the DOGE community who are willing to donate to homeless shelters, towards stopping all wars, and for creating a Reddit dogetipbot to randomly distribute the coins in giveaways. So many other nice ideas were described.

As for me, I am still figuring out where I would continue frequently distributing Dogecoin donations that I receive as daily payouts from cloud mining. There are so many options to choose from. Although I am hoping to giveaway more than .5M Dogecoin over time (at least 1,000 times more of that amount), I would still attempt to donate to organizations that I would consider need them most. I would take into consideration the timing and goals of the requested donations, to what cause the donation would go, how probable would the DOGE donations go towards the intended request, and whether the actions of my donations would result in the most good to the greatest number of individuals who would potentially benefit. I would then expect that such donated Dogecoins would assist in a step forward to prevent global poverty, decrease rate of homelessness, assist in scientific research to improve worldwide healthcare and sustainability, enable development of safe as well as clean water systems, and significantly decrease monetary dependency for those currently in need. This could be achieved as I would continue donating the Dogecoin I currently have and hopefully would continue to accumulate. In such a short time, I have already been able to donate some of my Dogecoin to several purposes. There is still a long road ahead in regards to where the upcoming Doge donations would go.

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