DogeCoin Donations [Episode 7]

In one of the earlier posts, I have mentioned about donating 7 Dogecoin to someone in Reddit who requested donations for an organization Folding@Home. Because at that time I have donated to an intermediary third-party, I have now decided to donate some of my cryptocurrency to the official Folding@Home link which accepts Dogecoin. At first, I would write a short summary what FAH is. Then, I would tell my experiences in the donation process.

Dogecoin FAH seems to be the authentic webpage which serves as a community to enable Dogecoin owners to donate their coins into the Folding@Home initiative. The funds are used as distributed computing power by scientists in Stanford University, in efforts to research and study of various disease. Therefore, it is expected that each Dogecoin donated would somehow benefit in studying about and potentially curing diseases. Who knows, perhaps by donating to Folding@Home, signifies in assistance of developing beneficial remedies to treat various sicknesses that currently negatively impact the affected populace within our society? Although there is not yet any guarantee that FAH DOGE donors become heroes, it would be really nice to just assume that for now. Another advantage of donating to this charity is the automated reward system. Donors could participate in this system by installing the Folding@Home client, and once donating their Dogecoin, they would be rewarded with weekly payouts back to their addresses. The rewards would be based on the total amounts of donations per week by the participating community.

My intention in donating to FAH was not for receiving monetary rewards for my actions, so I decided not to participate in this reward system. Instead, I just used this opportunity to donate to Folding@Home for the purpose of raising awareness of how simple it could be to use cryptocurrency for charitable intentions. For now, I cannot donate thousands of Dogecoin, because of my low cloud mined payouts from my Genesis Mining contracts. Compared to my last week’s payouts of over 700 and 800 DOGE per day for “Sha256 Contract”, I have received only around 500-700 DOGE for the previous 2 payouts for the same contract. This might be because of change in mining difficulty of Dogecoin. The good thing about this is possibility that the higher mining difficulty could signify higher value of each Dogecoin during the times of my upcoming donations. As for now, I have successfully donated 370 DOGE to the Dogecoin Folding @Home community. Hopefully these coins would go far in regards to philanthropy. If the FAH initative follows through on its studies, great medicinal scientific achievements could be anticipated as a result of active community of DOGE donors.

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