DogeCoin Donations [Episode 8]

After looking for more places to donate DOGE, I have come across a list of many charitable organizations which have accepted or still accept Dogecoin donations. The list of charities is available on a webpage, Doge Door, which has many resources on the DOGE cryptocurrency and everything that revolves around it. Information on DOGE trading, mining, faucets, tipping, apps, charity, and various other themes is available at the Doge Door portal.


The following is the list of mentioned charities that accept Dogecoin: Charity Water (FUNDED), Dogecoin Charities on Reddit, /dogecoinbeg subreddit, Doges4kids (Funded), Charity Mining pool day, Outernet, – West Virginia Water Contamination Relief and Study, Dogebucket, The Shelter Card, Caooy, HumbleDoge, Scishow episode on Dogecoin,, Ghana Medical Help, Doge4Kashmir, Cointheworld, and Malmut Matters UK.


Because of my appreciation for Doge Door’s hard work in providing so much educative resources in raising awareness about the Dogecoin community, I have donated some of my DOGE in support. What is interesting about this donation is that 5 months and 4 transactions ago a similar amount has been donated. What is also interesting is that the submission of this episode coincides with the annual World Smile Day. Let’s continue to make the world smile by donating our Dogecoin more frequently!

I might sometimes rely on some of the information on Doge Door, especially the “charities” menu when donating to great causes in my upcoming episodes. We definitely need more alike portals to MOON-up DOGE for worldwide fame and recognition. DOGE ON!


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