DogeCoin Donations [Episode 9]

As has been seen on my preceding episode, I have become exceedingly fascinated by the Doge Door portal, especially the resource on the list of charities that accept(ed) DOGE donations.

So now I would focus on one specific charity that has been brought to my attention. It is called Doge4Kashmir. Doge4Kashmir has been an already funded charity which allowed anyone to donate Dogecoin in relief to assist victims of the September 2014 floods that have affected more than 2,000 villages in India and Pakistan. The donated funds went to those impacted by the disaster in Kashmir, India. This instance shows the extent of fast response of humanitarian aid that could be accomplished through cryptocurrency transactions. Anyone anywhere with an internet connection and a Dogecoin address could easily donate towards the benefit of well-being of others. Dogecoin donations could be practical merely for any situation that necessitates financial transactions, and funding goals could be accomplished almost instantaneously without any fiat conversations involved.

Previously, I have been slightly familiar with the Kashmir natural disaster of 2014. At that time I was not aware of Doge4Kashmir. So, now it could be too late to donate for that specific purpose. But on the other hand, it is never too late to do good to others! This is why I decided to further fund with some of my Dogecoin to the address that made Doge4Kashmir possible. This is to show my appreciation that some caring individual(s) created an incentive to allow the global DOGE community to help those struggling and needing financial support.


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